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money accessible to an exchange
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14724.6+ USD
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Exchange order Exchange order and conversation on it are made only on our website. Exchanges without orders via the website are not performed in any circumstances. If someone on our behalf offers to exchange money out of the our website (without making the order and without conversation on submitted order on the website), please pay attention – they are scammers.
If you need more money, than we have in the reserve, you can still make a order.
It is possible, that we can find needed amount, but for more extra.

The sign * indicates fields that are obligatory to fill.
Direction:  -> 
Give:  WebMoney USD
Commission:0.1% or 0.5 USD for amounts less than 500 USD
Receive:  PayPal USD (max 10000 USD)
Rules and terms of exchange  
*Your account WebMoney USD:  Keeper/account from which you will send a money.<br><br>
The examples of writing accounts/purses in the payment systems:
WebMoney: a purse, for example Z123456789012<br>
PayPal: e-mail, for example your@email<br>
Skrill: e-mail, for example your@email<br>
YandexMoney: purse, for example 410011223344556<br>
QiWi Russia: phone number without a country code, for example 9261234567<br>
QiWi other countries: phone number with a country code, for example 380631234567<br><br>

If it is a payment from the sponsor etc. specify its address of a site and other important information (e.g. for what works to you money and so forth).
*Your account PayPal USD:  Keeper/account on which we should send a money.
*Your e-mail:  (will be login)
password generator:
create | copy | set
*Password:  for viewing orders on our website
*Confirm Password:
*Surname in WebMoney profile: If you exchange from/to WebMoney, then the surname and the name, that you fill in, must coincide with the surname and the name, specified in the profile of your WMID.
*Firstname in WebMoney profile:
Additional E-Mail #1:  On additional e-mails copies of letters will go.<br>
It is used for secure on a case of inaccessibility of the basic e-mail, access loss to the basic e-mail, etc.
Additional E-Mail #2:
Skype:  It is used for immediate communication at important questions.<br>
The detailed information about Skype can be found on a site <b></b>
ICQ:  It is used for immediate communication at important questions.<br>
Number ICQ should be a format XXXXXXXXX (without signs "-").<br><br>
The detailed information about ICQ can be found on a site <b></b>
*Mobile Phone: + .  <b>+</b><font color='#008000'>country code</font> <b>.</b> <font color='#008000'>number</font><br><br>

example: <b>+</b><font color='#008000'>7</font> <b>.</b> <font color='#008000'>9267654321</font><br><br>

Some country codes:<br>
Belatus – 375<br>
Great Britain – 44<br>
Germany – 49<br>
Israel – 972<br>
Russia – 7<br>
USA – 1<br>
Ukraine – 380
SMS with a digital code, that you need to enter on our website, will be sent.
Attach the File:  and another one
Maximum size of a file: 20480 kb
Expansions: rar,zip,tar,gz,txt,jpg,jpeg,gif,png,bmp,pdf,doc,docx,tif
*Text on the picture:

  Refresh the page if you do not see a text

short info Orders acceptance: automatically
and only via website
Processing: 9:00-24:00 MSK.
Exchange term: 0-24 hrs.

Terms and F.A.Q.
contact us ICQ: 444840968 consultant's ICQ status, Skype: (Karina, consultant #1)
ICQ: 206460545 consultant's ICQ status, Skype: exchangex.ru2 (Daniel, consultant #2)
Do not make the exchanges via Skype, beware of scams!
ICQ: 751558 administrator's ICQ status (Alexander, administrator)
E-Mail: , phone: only for VIP clients

Our WebMoney ID 687408836403 there
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